If you can't make it to the pharmacy, we can make it to you. We offer delivery services to your home and to assisted living facilities. Please contact us to schedule your delivery! 


We want to take the stress out of taking your medications. We offer medication pre-packing services that cover a month of medication. For a small fee one of our trained staff will carefully organize your medication so you have one less thing to worry about.

Sync RX

Do you have multiple prescriptions and need to make multiple trips to pick them up at separate times? Ask us about our Sync RX services! We will can plan your prescriptions so that you will be able to pick up everything at once.

Compound RX

Have a prescription that is custom to fit your needs? We are more than ready to accommodate your prescription to make sure that you get the medication that you need. 

Refill RX

Ready for a refill? Please fill out our refill form to make sure we have your medication ready.


If you would like to enjoy the benefits of working with Palmyra Pharmacy above, please click on the button below to start your transfer form.